Sunday, August 30, 2009

Strategic Plannery: Pedagogies for the Depressed

FIRST- Do we have classes on fridays?
No, never on Friday. Class contact, as you can see, goes
beyond cinderblock and flourescent lights these days. I
consider US (o say can you see) swimming in a
Post-Literate, Neo Oral Age;
(Can you hear me now?)

But our industrial educating still operates as if we were
1960--when I graduated college, typed my papers on a
Royal, corrected with wite-out (invented by the mother
of one of The Monkees) and sat in large auditorium
classes squeezed between the likes of Jack Heinz on
one side and Jock Pillsbury on the other.

Handouts were mimeographed.
No power point yet--but overhead
projectors did the trick.

If you like, consider these communications mega-twitters,
or in-your-face book booking it & it's all up for grabs
24/7/385: virtual forum, e-lectric company.
We can argue.

The very very short story "Snow" assigned for tomorrow:
shows it don't take much. VOICE is all. Content is galore.
It's not subject matter that does the TRICK (unless you are
looking for instruction--how to fix your lawnmower or get to
Santa Cruz).

It's VOICE that counts: The sound of author authorizing
authority authoritatively. Not what we know but whether
we can put it in play.

Vox de Auctoritas--as opposed to
ex officio: official -- now hear this.

Is your life any less dramatic & fiction-worthy than Ted Kennedy's?
Does the dream live on? I'm just asking.

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