Sunday, September 6, 2009

Brave New World?


This is kind of fun
as Ron and Sam play
a kind of "e" - tennis.
The ball's in your court, Sam;
Ron is keeping it in play.

We’re belling the cat, Dave. Sphinx
hulks over Thebes until someone
answers its riddle and frees us
citizens from our politically
correct embarrass-

Doubt we can answer the riddle,
but put a gong on its collar & we
might could tell when it’s around
on cat paws, measuring the
immeasurable, eclipsing what
counts with the merely count-
able, assessing learning pathways
& multiple expert judgments
addressed by currently available
standardized tests and rubricks
paving the road with good

You’re welcome to play: adding
perspective from anthropology
and sociology if not archeology
It’s not so brave a new world. .


My Friend FEAR.

Don’t diminish my Fear. My Fear is me.
Never mind contra-dicting, counter-
balancing, soothing, gainsaying,
calming or neutralizing.

I want confirmation, support: company:
do you see what I see? Other wise dig
in my tar heels & defend my

My Fear: c’est moi.
Neither sermons nor
logic convince, says Walter.

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!
Why would I want to be convinced
otherwise? It would demoralize:
un-justify my love, home land
security agent agenda. &

External Affairs (The liberal arts) :

Those of you waking at night, semi-panicked,
sweating, bed sheets awry because of environ-
mental concerns, carbon footprints, measurable
goals & outcomes, peace in the near east, sexual
predation, teenage suicide, immigration policy,
home land security and stuff like that: gather over
on the west side of Canon, next to the cafeteria.

You’re playing for the liberal arts team.
The Professionals.

Internal Affairs (The Liberal Art):

Those of us who waking an agony over relationships,
family concerns, personal esteem & effectiveness,
liability & performance anxieties, weight, health
& stuff like that: gather over on the east side of
Canon with the view of the rope swing &

Our team is Liberal Art.

Sure: all-of-us talk all the live-long day about
carbon footprints, West Bank settlements,
sexual harassment, teenage bi-polarity
& learning disorders, universal health
insurance, assessmental educational
practice and the economy,
naturally daytime converse
do dah, do dah:

—mission statements we go to bat for,
over & over.;

But those aren’t fears that wake me
in the middle of the night.

There's a difference. A gap.
Night time & waking life.
Liberal arts & The Liberal
Art. Professional concerns
on the one hand and then
on the other: my amateur
night heart-wake.

Do not confuse, collapse,
or conflate.

xxxooo, Presbyter

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