Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Easy: all too Easy

I remember a few years back we were
worried about too-easy in a faculty meeting
and decided we might "ratchet up for excellence"
--that was the phrase that got bandaged about.

Rigor: seemingly the only response to too much Ease.

More challenging? Would that mean
stricter policies, more work (volume)
tougher grading. Do MORE with more?
More is tougher, no doubt.

More engaging?

I want mine to be more fun.
Rigor never made me a better myn
I am the least disciplined person on campus.

Which reminds me: our graduation speaker,
Tony Early? (the writer). He was known
around the department as a slack dog. That
term was popular back then. He used to play
tennis with my son, who was in 6th or 7th grade--
and then they'd go to the womens dorm and
abort coca colas from the drink machines with
coat hangers.

He wrote it up, an easy essay in Am. Lit.
I wish I'd kept it..

Ellen Degeneris delivered the graduation
speech at Purdue last spring. Toldem
I didn't go to no college and look
how famous I am

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