Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This Class Sucks

This class sucks.

Indo European: dhei = “to suck”
femina, woman (“she who suckles”)
female, fetus, fecund, filia, affiliate,

fellatio, felix (fruitful, fertile, lucky,
happy: felicity: all in the dhei family.

Look: there’s no leadership to the readership
An open field. No agenda. No surface
organization filtering the collective genius.
Helter skelter.

We need a king. We have always needed a king.
Somebody to impose order. Achtung.

I’m not kidding.
Hard Balls and Mallet Croquet, please.
Whacks and wickets. Otherwise: it’s all whim &
whimsy. Round & round we go, regressive,
digressive, transgressive, no purposive or
progressive like it ought to be.

So we can get some WHERE..
Cover ground. Improve the nicks of time.

The arrow of purpose defining
Attention efficiency/Attention deficiency:
our institutional Siamese Twins .

True or False:

Do you know the difference
(and relationship) between
Order, Random,
and CHAOS?
That triad?

This is a picture of CHAOS from
I.E. gheu – to yawn, gape, empty
space, chasm, chaos.

This is the only class I know (ours, Dear Readers)
that invites CHAOS: Our Mother of Invention.
Where else does the NEW emerge? Emerging
phenomena and values? In the beginnings
all over and over again.

These triads: for you

...................parabolic (parable: throw beyond)
symbolic............dia-bolic (to throw
(to throw together )............... across)

We are just throwing it here. IT, I said.
Do I have to be spelling IT out?

....................... nonsense

Room in the Fools Rush INN for all 3sies.
Need we argue?
Need we argue?

xxxooo, Presbter

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