Thursday, September 10, 2009

Easy All Too Easy

First of all:

We TALK as-if the students
come here to learn, that education
even liberal education is their
motivation: our dominant
Way of Talking..

“I’m excited about my classes
this fall,” I hear—first daze,
flashing eyes and bright smiles
& I’m a believer.

(This place is not for everyone
and maybe they’re not for
everyone too. )

But :the TALK AS-IF we were all
here for education (liberal, maybe
liberal art) occludes the also fact
that it’s a take-the-credit-&-run
& take-the-money-&-run deal &
thank god it’s Fridays.
If BOTH these profound truths
(need I spell IT out?) are put into
play, neither eclipsing the other so
that we find ourselves with Neils
Bohr approaching paradox and
progress, maybe then with Dean
Kahl (who knows what's happening
chemically) we can sort out the true
meaning of rigor and excellence and
what’s GOOD to do in classes these
troubled, turbulent, titanic times.

Second of all….

Guess I only had that one idea.

Learning on the one hand;
Take-the-Credit & run on
the other and can
I Just
Get Along without fooling
myself on one hand or the
other hand?

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