Sunday, November 28, 2010

Chaos, Random, Order & Why Can't We Just Get Along

       The Triad  (integrate this)
              /     (analogic)
             \ order / order / order / order  
These 3 & the greatest of these is chaos
Can you tell the difference? The  relationship?
    Fiction Fiction Fiction Fiction
1. The world was born from chaos. It is our
 job to find our way through this chaos and
find meaning in our lives. I am trying to find
 order in this chaos because with out order I
would be lost. Society is always trying to make
rules and put chaos into order. Without rules
the world as we know it would be thrown
into disorder and chaos.
This student  response could provide text  and
basis for the whole course in FICTION—as well as
             liberal art
(not to be confused with the liberal arts,  those
majors and minors you acquire as vocational
certification in hopes of jobs and careers.)
Dear Molfy,
You are right: society and individuals have to
make rules and order out of the random of
chaos.  This is what I idiosyncratically call
What makes my classes uncanny & counter-tuitional
if not counter-intuitive is the “fact” that the “fictions”
which normally rule and regulate classroom random
have been arbitrarily dropped.. The normal order
(arche) is suspended.  Thus: anarchy (no
arches, structure) allows CHAOS to appear:  in
hers bountiful & unruly & resourceful head-gear..

(At least in the second-half of class, the so called
life of the body-politic time,
or talk-in-air time. )
The need to make one’s order (artifice, fiction) is
more apparent when chaos and random are present
—as opposed to when established order is in place,
and chaos and random are concealed, filtered. (Still
present, but absent so to speak: conventionalized
for convenience sake)
      Sustainability of  the established    
   (cultural, customary, conventional)   
           fictions on the one hand.
    Sustainability of the  Process of    
         Evolutionary Fiction-ing  
              on the other hand.
  [Same word (sustainability), but radically
          incommensurate values.]

          chaos             order
All in the fiction fashioning family:
         Got to love IT, all 3.   
Chaos: —gap, chasm, yawning abyss
(void, empty, a container, space)
Literally,  the etymology of “chaos” is
     gheu: to yawn, gape—not to be
        conflated and confused with
 random – which literally means
running, flow—stream of   

order  from I.E. ar : “to fit together” art, from this a
and L. ordiri: to begin to weave, adorn—rate, ratio,
rational: all in the ar family.   Asi is ordinance.s
NOTE:  Chaos is the container (as it were): basin,
bowl, gap, chasm, yawning void inside which
      Oliver Order and Ruth Random
         might be said to get it on:.
                   in Chaos:
     all three reciprocal and mutual
     consorts in concert because as
            we say: can’t have
       One without the Other 2.
         sense                   no-sense-at-all
          logic                 mythologic?
Point: don’t we “privilege’ logic & order and
 ratios  and reason  OVER random—not to
mention over chaos which we hardly ever
experience directly but feel as dread, fear,
anxiety and uncertainty when it isn’t filtered-
out by our “order” & “system” & “routine”
& “agenda” (measurable aims & goal) saved
as it were by ourFICTIONS fashioned from
random out of chaos: our shared & individual
ORDERS: our mythologic, our cerebral and
Now: re-read Molfy (#1 above).
Maybe we can argue together—sustain a
sustainable argument, build up a shared
moment of common sense, up from scratch
—reinventing our own wheels.  It’s possible.
ake a story. Make history. Herstory. Make
IT new. 
What both prevents & motivates the making
of new order? New Fictiion


          the regulator &  motivator
              breaker and maker
               maker & breaker      

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