Monday, November 29, 2010

Good for No Thing

Frontiers Yet Unknown series.

It’s a word game I’m playing, isn’t it?
Ideas (noggin notions) have no address,
no  location. Most of what we value (count)
is un-countable and you can’t put your finger
on it—love, hate, justice, good, even pain… 

All of these words stand for no-thing, but we
reify them, personify, deify: talk of D.C as if
it were broken, WWC as if it we green, the
WHOLE and Holy as if it were god.  Falling
in or out of love as if we could. .  All of it: non-
sense. Manners of speaking. Convention.
Get IT?  If you do—the IT is no thing.
What’s this course (all my courses) good for?
Good for NO THING.   Get IT? If so, I got lucky.
What GOOD is getting good at NO THING?
Remember, Seinfeld had 9 seasons (?) 
doing NOTHING.
There’s MORE to this than meets the I.
Need we argue?  Of course. That’s the
point—or what’s a college for?

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