Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hey: Rubric This !

Dear Transcendentalists and Colleagues
Across the Curriculum.  (Toward
Frontiers Yet Unknown Coursing
Without Borders series.)


       Consider this fundamental Triad:
                               /         \               
                      Silence ___  News
                    Chaos              Order
       No-Sense-At-ALL        Common Sense
       Could you call them the
         Mothers of Invention?  
If what?

Isn't it clear that we “privilege” only
1/3 of this triad, and hate the other 2/3's ?

Anarchy =: no arches, no structure.
“That government governs best which governs least,”
said Thoreau (Civil Disobedience) and then went over top:

“That government's best which governs not at all”.
The first statement  is nonsense.
The second: no-sense-at-all.
All told: transcendental ?
Do you love the second half of our classes? 
(Life of the Body Politic).
Or first half? (Life of Minding)


                       Team          or           Team 
CHOOSE your team. No myn can serve 2 teams.
Sure:  you have to put both values in play when
you are in GAME, but your overall allegiance
will be to ONE or the OTHER.

Mind Minding.
Body Embodying.
NO? You disagree?
We might could argue then—
or what’s a college for? for?

xxxooo, Sam

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