Thursday, November 11, 2010

Or What's a Liberal Art For?

Or what's liberal art for?

"The dream of radical transformation,
 of one day waking up and finding
oneself   a wholly different (more
self  confident, more serene)
kind of person, of escaping
that prison of the given, of
feeling divinely
capable.”               Corrections. Jonathan Franzen
                               reconfigured and formatted
                               to fit my screed.  
”In life we make progress by  conflict and in
mental life  by argument and disputation....
There must be confrontation and opposition,
in order that  sparks must be kindled.
Only an open conflict of ideas and principles
can produce  any clarity.
Even if all were agreed on an essential proposition,
it  would be essential to give an ear to the one person
who  does not.”   J.S.Mill
Argument is essential for  its own sake. (Karl Popper)

The conference will focus on
innovative and  purposeful
approaches to designing

and investing  in quality
general  education
assessment and preparing
for the unscripted
challenges  of a global

(Nature loves a redundancy even if
English Teachers & teacher of
Creative Non Fiction  don't
necessarily approve. )


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