Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Are you a Critical Thinker?

These days: it's not what we know that counts so much
as whether we can put it in play.    May I hear an amen? 
NO?  Beg to differ? O contrary? Collegial converse action?

It's the PLAY that counts, true? Topic is galore. Content: ubiquitous.
A faculty that brays together, stays together.

                Assessing Across the Curriculum   
                   Rubric these Potential Ratios 
Rigor-to-Innovation.              Instruction-to-Eduction
Knowing-to-Imagining.         Consuming-to-Composing
                  Working-It-to-Putting It in Play.
                    Lasso Fair-to-Laissez Faire.
( Some parameters for Creative-to-Critical Thinking.diagnoses.)

Do you consider your self a Critical Thinker? From a  scale
of 1 – 10 (one being average and ten being superior), where
would you  rate  yourself?
If you were interested in improving your critical-thinking
rating, say, what would you do to make it better: higher?
Would these (below) evaluative criteria help make you a better
thinker? Writer?  Person? Would you  consider them  generative?
A stimulus package? Provoking & productive as opposed to
essentially assess-mental? (What are our Generative
to Assessmental ratios?)

Is this a fair specimen-representative sample of
Rubric Assess-mentality? I'm just asking.

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