Sunday, December 12, 2010

Edification for the Suppressed

           Could we call this the triad within Academics? 
Giving information,
Pulling out response.
Building up a shared “edifice” 
 All 3: and for the sake of argument, can we
say that InFORMATION seems the
privileged 3rd

Telling IT like we think IT is, and doing what
we need to do to make sure they get it?
(It’ll be on the test: you’ll have a dead
week to pull it together and then an
exam week to let it go.)..
The educing 3rd (drawing out response
and expression, putting IT in play)doesn’t
apparently have the status that INSTRUCTION
has, I would say, but maybe we need to argue.
It’s a messy process, don’t you agree?  Some
helter, considerable skelter.  Takes some
scatter-tolerance. Can’t do it in
tuxedos.  Worth arguing, at least.
Edification:  What may be the greatest of the
3 is (again for the sake of argument)  transparent
in the invisible rather than see-thru-able way.
Building up shared significances, meanings,
structures: potentially our collaborative genius:
we may be doing IT all along semi or sub-
consciously &  indirectly-- and that may be the
only way to do it.  It’s worth arguing.
It strikes me that, of the 3: 
our  INFORMATION-delivery  aspect  
is the most out of date,
obsolescent in the Ray
Anderson Sense
Our universities... continue to teach and
operate in the system that is destroying the
biosphere. Adherence to the old mind-set,
the old curricula, obsolete pedagogy, and
shortsighted planning are producing
graduates who are trained to
perpetuate the destruction
of the biosphere. . .

IT’s all  on the laptop if not in the pocket:
the information needed, accessible in moments,
monumental. Any student in my class can verify
what ever I have to say in seconds as well as pull
up a mess of 2nd and 3rd opinions.

So Information Delivery is no longer the project it
once was and needed to be--blue-book validated and
rated on a scale of 100.  Need we argue?
EDIFICATION:  what argument is GOOD for.
It’s the argument that counts, puts us into play,
draws out and educes and educates.Not right
or wrong,  accurate or inaccurate—that’s what’s
up for   grabs and the always emerging phenomena
and values of sustainable sustain ability.
I wish you’d differ and improve my terms.
The heart of  thinking is drawing distinctions, true?
And the heart of academics is arguing them out,
don't you agree. And the heart of liberal art: relating
opposition as all in the family, kind and kin.
VOICE is ALL.  Content’s galore.

xxxooo, the boy who cries woof.

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