Monday, December 13, 2010

Dear Dead Language Lovers

     Traditions, Ages, Stages, Modes:

             the  LITERATE age
     tradition           NEO-ORAL be-here-now-ism

    These 3: and the greatest of these is____?
    (Can you tell the difference? The relationship?)

Dear Transcendental-Romantics et al,                
Hearing you guys talk about space & technology,
media, internet, web, star-trekking and deep sea
colonization, I feel like some construction foreman
who don’t know how to read can fake it all my
life, surrounded by literacy and the literate.

About to be exposed.
Feel it especially when youngsters I could have
grandfathered come fix my computer: me lurking
in the back making smarty remarks to clothe the
fact I don’t know jack squat.. 
Techno-illiterate in my literacy;
but in my defense I can discriminate
"who" from "whom" & tell the relationship
& hold you all accountable foryour dangling
elements & modifiers. . .

I typed college papers on a Royal Desk model
with green rubber tops on the keys, and erased
mistakes with a wheel of hard rubber and whisk
brush attached.
Had to read books & listen to lectures & take
notes to get down information that would be
repeated in proctored proctological blue
book examination protocols. 

I’m just saying.

Transporting our SELVES  to space, you say:
frontiers yet unknown:  all the savvy techno-and
scientific people as well as humanists & artists,
musicians & working-class, priests & athletes,
inventors, innovators,  Buckminster Fuller types,
Mark Zukerbergians…are we  liable to advance
so as to become less mean to our  kids, quit
beating my wife, stifle
peer-to- peer insults &
collegial rivalry?

Less likely to fool around,
feel fear, panic, wake in the
middle of a night cold sweat,
manipulate, hit & run, tie-one-on
looking for Mr. Goodbar and the
pursuit of happiness?
Just asking.

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