Monday, December 13, 2010

trafficking conditions

Got to be nuts. Out of your ever loving
mind. Crazy. Compelled. Obsessed.
Addicted   Or forget about it.  Be
a critical thinker then. Discerning.
Discriminating. Assessing.  
Cautious. Judicious.
Snow swirls beyond the hemlock outside my
window and I’m reading incoming traffic
reports from colleagues and wondering  how
the same kind of vivid reportorial personalized
individual description might be devoted also to
sharing our cerebral noetic & affective daily
transport & oh what fun it is to ride &  can you
hear me now & likewise blindmyn driving &
crying round the elephantiasis saying here is
what it’s LIKE from where I am right now
coming off an interstate & hitting a Bee Tree
blue hiway:  back road wind and snow & not
much traffic but maybe black ice where my 4-
wheel don’t know any better than two if I don’t
watch out that would be awesome

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