Monday, December 6, 2010

Get Real

I once had the audacity of hope  to e-mail a group
of students before one of my classes even started
—could have been fiction, or some other lit course,
might havebeen linguistics or Dialogue and Dialectic
--can’t remember which, they’re all basically the same:
textual and contextual harassment: unscripted talk
and maybe argument over “this” or “that,” some token
content, subject matter whatever: it’s the “interactive
relationship” going on that counts, yes?

(Mark Zuckerberg said as much to Diane Sawyer
on 60 Minutes last night, forecasting a trend toward
social collaboration & e-edification)

At any rate, I e-mailed them that my intent was to
Get REAL with this business of School and
schoolery, leisure-time activity which we all know is
what "school" stands for but don't seem to realize..

Let’s Get Real I implored.   

( Keeping IT Real: that would be a course of another
color but at least we could attempt in this course
(I wrote) to Get Real )-
I don’t know what got into me.

You calling me unreal?
An embarrassment.
An embarrassment of riches,
Get Real?
You got to be kidding. 
Like I got my head stuck in a bucket of water &
I hear a voice saying  BREATHE! JUST BREATHE!

No:  more like I got my hands around my throat,
calling out— Help me I can’t breathe,
can’t breathe.

        But if you touch my hands I’ll kick yr ass   

IT, I said.
Getting real. 


                  Oh: that's so much better.

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