Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Dear Ali,

Your request is appreciated.  Don't know an agenda
more important than what-you-say. If that's what
SACS is all about. then I'm a a big fan.

Here's what comes to mind, a fundamentalism.             

All of US  for whom CONTENT (subject-object matter,
topic, method, discipline, facts, data, stats, research and
professional protocal ) most counts, count most, is key
and crucial and you'd feel agonized if you didn't devote
 your work to those priorities... can we classify you as
appropriately vocational and separate your agenda (and
the questions Ali asks

what is learning?
how do today's students do it?
how do we help them?
what's most important?

from me and anyone else for whom content is mere token
and CONTEXT (or environment & sustainability) might be
said to be what counts. crucial, key, and who feel  agonized
if we aren't devoted to that priority?

Because there is a conflict of interest here, always is and
always has been and it should be turned up and put in play,
I claim.

Granted: I need help separating and polarizing this distinction.

Instrumental and Liberal
Liberal arts and Liberal art
Profession and Amateur.
Work&Service and Academics
So-Called Real Whirl and Ivory Tower

These represent incommensurate and appropriately
"hostile" valueswhich are also complementary and
relate-able (or, as we like to say about the triad:
integrate-able)  IF  they are not collapsed, conflated
and confused--which they are "normally" and it's the
instrumental, andprofessional that dominates & makes
it quite difficult to do my  job without appearing reckless
and irresponsible in the midst of all youpros and rigorous
rubric disciplinarians and the demands you put on my
students so that sitting around on the edge of the cerebral
dock, so to speak, wasting time seems  frivolous to them
and generates heightened stress and anxiety and feelings
of disempowerment instead of the opposite. .

Need we argue?
No one need beg to differ
I'm always asking for IT.

xxxooo, Sam

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