Friday, January 7, 2011

The Enemy is US

“AAC&U Members:
Engaging Educators
in Meaningful Assessment
Dear Colleague (writes AAC&U)
Using assessment to improve student
learning is increasingly a reality in
higher education as
* accreditors,
* the federal government,
* and other stakeholders
demand concrete measures  of student
However, many colleges struggle
to find ways to develop effective
assessment systems that engage
educators and students and lead
to robust
and useful results.”


See: this isn’t as obvious as Mountain Removal
Coal mining, Jeff.  That’s what makes it insidious.
THIS, I said.
IT, I said.
Do I have to spell THIS  and IT out?
I don’t think  I can—if you aren’t already tripped
up right off the bat by “using assessment to  improve
student leaning”
there’s no hope for me—for us.
Not to mention the referenced authority to accreditors,
federal government  and (I love this recent term)
“stakeholders.” If that  don’t raise red flags,
how am I going to?
Robust?  to coin a phrase. 
This is professionalism, for me. Jeff. 

Where’s  a Judy Judy Judy when we could use her?
I’m asking.
I’m sure there must be many who beg to differ—take
umbrage even, if not issue with me and my assessment-
as-key-to-improvimg- learning paranoia. 
We could argue, you’d think.   A good thing.

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