Friday, January 7, 2011

I See Live People

"Sometimes you got to shock the people
if you want to get change".
Judy Bonds

Dear Jeff,.

I watched the two films in Huffington. you posted
and felt  that uncanny and disturbing feeling that comes
and goes all my life:

             There Go Live People!

For me these people are often musicians: Pete Seeger,
say--and his step brother Mike (watching the New
Lost  Ramblers in New Haven  in 1958--all I could
do was yearn, wear  green corduroy  pants, get myself
a banjo  & blue work shirt.)

Watching anyone caught up in what they love--Live
People. It's disturbing, isn't it?  Is it envy? Jealousy?
How come they get to be alive, one wonders.
Wish I could be  Damn that David Holt.

        Imitation is suicide, says Emerson.

My brother went to hear Joseph Spensce at Woolsey
Hall the spring of  his  junior year, English Major in
good standing, editor of The Yale Lit: he left the 
auditorium  and quit  college that night to figure-
out how to be as alive as a Bahamian

Never returned. No he never returned. Tenured to
teach music and humanities at the  University of Utah
Dept of Modern Dance with no degreed but high
school and he almost didn't get that.

Point?  Go and Do Likewise, says Jesus.

Don't necessarily mean sandals & beard,   locusts,
prophesy --shock the folk & raise the dead, I guess.

Like WISE:  like in some alive sense, be here now in
kind but not the same way as others?.

Clean coal or dirty?.  Homeless in Haiti?  Working-
out thoroughbreds in Laurel, Md. Downhill  Mt bike
racing in Colorado?  Investigating the History of
Consciousness in Santa Cruz.  Stocks and bonds
and real estate in New York City. Alive,
alive ho. . 

Judy Bonds.. One of the LIVE ones.

Watching her  makes me want to go and do like wise
right here at home at hand under foot. Cultivate the
garden raising local food for thought & free lunch for
starving liberal artistry.. .  .  


xxxooo, Sam

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