Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Have You Stopped Beathing Yr Wife, Sam!

Dear Colleagues,.

My Annual Report and Self Evaluation all over again.

Conferences papers presented  Conference panels chaired
Conferences attended Other invited lectures or talks Refereed
 articles published Books and book sections published Book
Reviews published Other publications Articles or books
submitted for publication Articles or books worked on Internet
publications Websites, blogs, etc. maintained (relevant to profession)

Performances, Exhibitions, and other creative work completed
Performances and other creative work worked on Grants written
and received Work on research projects Academic seminars or
colloquia attended Seminars, colloquia, etc. that you participated
in as an invited  participant Workshops attended Guest lectures for
other WWC courses

Any paid work as a professional in your field (consulting, etc.)
Unpaid professional service (reviewing manuscripts, serving as
an external evaluator, etc.) Other—please specify Staff forum
committees Faculty body committees Search Committees
Departments Other Committees or Task Forces Work crew
responsibilities (indicate size of crew, and weekly contact hours)
Equipment maintenance and procurement (beyond normal

Service learning activities Collaboration with the Library
Activities related to Admissions Activities related to Advancement
Membership in professional organizations Membership in local,
regional, or national service organizations,  boards, etc. Other
volunteer work Other ways of engaging or making connections
outside the Warren Wilson community

Other—please specify

On one hand: who’s counting? 
On the other hand: could use
       a rubric for this:
Of all that possibility up there (see above), BLOGS  is all I can claim,
—professing, at least, if not necessarily  relevant to my profession.
That and my Colleagues Across  the Curriculum and Courses 
Without Borders Series (my service project).
It’s humbling, to see every year all I might could be doing and
am not. Shrivels me up somewhat  I admit it..

Makes me want to strive to be a better person if not teacher.
To try harder. To make more mistakes.

xxxooo, Sam

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