Thursday, February 10, 2011

Diacritical Thinking

Dear American Literati and
Colleagues Across the Curriculum

Thinking: How To

   My Kinsman, Major Molineux
     & the beginning of Robin’s
         Liberal Education
First of all: the issue can’t be forced.
Those Zen students submitted to
koans &  stick
(wrong: smack!
wrong: smack!
wrong: smack!
whatever your
and the Greek youngsters hanging
with Socrates: in it for “sport” —
cerebral martial art, say.
Good game: Mess-With-My-Mind.
Brow beat, damnit: the violence
bears  it away.
Elenchus to aporia.
Attrition, if it don’t kill you. .
Nirvana: “he blows,” one’s mind
blown away: clean sweep and a
consummation devoutly to be
desired.  A decent brain wash.
Forced? That would be a horse
of another collar. As if:
listen to me. this’ll be on the exam:
how to think  Make sure you have
a thesis statement.

Say what you’re going to say,
Say it.
Say what you said.
Remember the  3 C’s:
Respect your audience.

Need we argue? 

(An enemy is as good as a Buddha) 


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