Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rigormortificaion (Hope for the Dead)

      HOPE for the DEAD
       (the rigor mortified)   

I see a notice on a bulletin board,
referring to a publication or poetry
reading—something like that and
I love the notion: that there  might
be hope for the dead.
I hope so.
Sometimes I lose hope.
I admit it.
VOICE is ALL: Content’s Galore
It don’t matter what you are writing
about—trivial or profound: if it
don’t sound good: forgetabout it.
Need we argue?

As Marshall McLuhan said way
back in the 60’s—the media is the
message, not the message.

Pay your efficient attention to the
media, the means of delivery, the
voice, the structure,  the environ-
mentality, atmosphere, packaging—
the blush, stammer, wink, twitch,
eyebrow, smile sneer…and not so
much (don't be fooled by, stuck i
in) the content, token topic, so
called subject object matter…
Read my lips:.
The MEDIA is the Message.  Not the
 message. It’s not what  you say but
how you say it that  counts  
(Need we argue?).
Personality:  a”person” (per sonic) is
literally a sound-thru and refers to the
megaphone in the mouth of  the Greek
mask worn by the “hypocrite” (actor)
on stage, delivering his furry sonic
subject matter to the audience..
FIRE! FIRE!  he might cry thru his
per-sona, sounding alarm in the
crowded theater who might pay too
much panic attention to the content
to realize it’s merely a tale told by
an idiot, full of sound and fury
and signifying nothing
The PLAY’s the thing.

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