Friday, February 11, 2011

Thinking Out of the Pox

Dear Colleagues Across the Curriculum
School Mode

           (not to be confused
         with Church & State)
 Since the Moral Sense has but the one office,
the one capacity (to enable man to do wrong)
it is plainly without value
to him. It is as
valueless to him as is disease.
  In fact,
it manifestly is a disease.

Mark Twain. “The Damned Human Race “ 
Damaged, that is.  I take Twain’s assessment
as a diagnostic:  descriptive, not condemnatory
nor judgmental.  .

Would you call thinking-beyond-good-&-evil
thinking out of the box?
Beyond humanistic good & evil, at least.
Watching the super bowl to concentrate
on the GAME.
No root, toot tooting;
no cheese on the head.  
Watching USA vs The Frenemies—worthy
opponents: North Korea, Iran, the Muslim
Brotherhood &  axes of evil.   
Considering Glenn Beck as curious as more
snow  & Obama’s quitting cigarettes whatever
his perceived  nationality by members of the
Republican Iowa caucus.
Egyptians still in the streets, many wounded
and displaying  bandages, reconfiguring  the
sustainability of the middle eastern region.  
Oyez. Oyez.
Stay sober at a cocktail party.
Eschew peer pressure.
Cheer no team spirit::  
neither heads nor tails.
Worthy opponents..
 Hope for the dead.
No such a thing as a  bad monkey,
says Jane on the fence, taking notes. .  
Thinking out of the box. Thinking
beyond good & evil & cultural
relativity like a bear gone over the
mountain  to see what he could see. 

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