Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What it is to be a Saint

Dear Readers in Humanity and
Colleagues Across the Curriculum
Risky Business

Saints are a pain in the ass. I learned
this from Dr. Mycoff and it made me
appreciate  hagiography and hope for
Disturbers of the peace. 
Rocking  Kasbah. &  status
quotidian and my homeostatic
sustainability efforts to  maintain the
whirl as I  know it.
Am used to it. My comfort zone of course:
my embarrassmental  policy studies and
leadership programs--you got a  problem,
with that?
I’m not saying anything  you don’t already
know & you can put  it in your own words
Improve my terms. Or what’s a college
It’s a control  issue. Empowerment, damnit.
All too human human  nature. 
Ah, the humanity.

xxxooo, Sam

("To be great is to be misunderstood." said Emerson.
But it don't follow that to be misunderstood is great. 
Same with saints & the sanctimonious. : A pain in the
ass isn't necessarily a saint, but a saint for sure ihas got
to be one. You can understand why, I bet )

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