Sunday, June 23, 2013

"That Damned Moral Sense" (the problem of GoodnEvil)

Dear Colleagues,  we might could consider
That  Age-Old Problem of GoodnEvi
as an exercise in Liberal Art & the summer
time leisurely practice of free-range Critical
Thinking & Local Foodback: Gardening
without Tuxedos. 
Liberals. Libertarians, Conservatives,
Fundamentalists, Atheists, Theists, 
Anarchists, Radicals, young reformers
and middle aged… I have the privilege
of arguing and arguing and arguing with
them all thanks to Facebook—my window
to the whirl. 

A diverse group, you might think, on
the facebook of it. But more SAME than
Different if you don’t let the devilish details
occlude their kinship.  They are
all deeply
intense GOOD & EVIL-ers:
with an acute
& certain sense of Right
and  Wrong:  Good
Guys and Bad.   

I make no head way with any of them.
Nor they with me because I also am
a monumental Good & Evil-er and
we Good-&-Evil like anything:  accusation,
interpretation, explanation, blamation:
Good & Evil versus Good & Evil and it
don’t matter the token topic or subject
matter  any cockadoodle'll do.
Good & Evil & Good & Evil.
Devils are in the details
and differences. & make
no never mind. 
xxxooo, Sam

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