Monday, June 24, 2013


Charity begins in the Home.

A prophet's  without honor in his own town
and yet  the only audience I would engage,
provoke,  put in play, please,  stir, wake,
resurrect, piss off  with love-hugs-&-kisses
would be you: local peers, source of food-back: 
our bawdy broken for view. Afflict the afflicted.
Raze the dead dry bones.

Why expostulate to strangers?
Stammer in the place where you live.

Don’t worry about the rest of the world seeing
as it’s beyond me  in  all it’s complication.  Home,
sweet home where  fools rush into  frontiers yet
unknown suffering in translation. To die for.

Takes an immaculate conception: news
from beyond.  Ludicrous, of course.

My Service Project & Mission Impossible:
Gardening without Tuxedos  Converse Action
Without Rubrics. Splitting Infinity &  Dangling
Elements. Crying  Hammock &  Let Slip the Cogs
of Yore. Unpostponing Joy. Somewhat Beyond
Goals,  Aims & Measurable Outcomes   X-treme
academe. Ultima Thule.

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