Thursday, June 6, 2013

THe Sound of 2 Hands Clapping

The Sound of 2 Hands Clapping

Just now I am close to finishing up
reading  final examinations.

Journals  & semester papers & various  
“creative translations” occupy me into
early June.  Serious business: teaching
Humanities if not fine art—cultivating
appreciation for human precariousness
dangling from a thread over the pit of
hello between Nature on the one hand
and on the other: Nurture.

“An inevitable dualism bisects nature,
so that each thing is a half, and suggests
another thing to make it whole…” RWE

Between self-indulgence & self-denial.
Between personal homeland security
issues and evangelical hegemonizing;
between Platonic Idealism & Embodi-
mental Manifestos, theorizing & action,
talking & walking; global village & local
color; groceries  across the curriculum
& local food for thought in-between
what’s actually happening and the ways
we talk about IT. . . lies the shadow.  

Students of Humanities, probably Fine
Arts, too, say “balance”  is  key to
reconciling these Chinese Finger Traps.
mixed meta force not with  standing.

No either/ors, Sam!   All’s relative & 
depends:  related ratios & relationships;
and  what looks different is the  same old
same old emperor with  new clothes on.

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