Thursday, July 4, 2013

Crimes against the Whole & Holy.

Reason & Clarity: Feelings & E-motions;
      Tuition, Intuition & Counter Intuition.

Dear Co-Leagues,  

a word-game, isn't it?  What we do, and get good
at  or not so good. Can that be said in  description
of liberal art: to put our words in play? Play & Be
Played?  Compose  and Be Composed? School & Be
Schooled? The shibboleths of higher learning.

R & R: Representational Re-creation

Some key definitions (inadequate, of course & 
reductive) just to start-up, initiate, inaugurate, 
generate, beget always: to begin again and again.

"Reason" :  ratios ratio-izing  & rationalizations,
reifying the relays &  relationships we draw &  
make  & agree to use&abuse for our trade & 
exchange: twintowers of commerce & consumption. 


"Reasoning” measures relations between "this"
& “that" as well as relationships between
relationships & so it  goes and goes keeping track 
of the levels, best one can:seraphim,  cherubim, 
& thrones, say just to start out;dominions, virtues,  
 and powers: a level up, and then principalities, 
archangels and angels & beyond that it’s hard to
keep track of the infinitely  progressive relations
of relations of relations seeing as it’s all relative 
that’s for sure & reasonable once upon a time if 
I can avoid mixing the levels & meta force unknowingly.

This kind of  commensurate rationalizes & reduces 
to any "whole" so as to be instrumental to the parts 
and parties using & abusing it in accord with their
purpose the the terms of their desires.  

Words are like digital signals standing-for much
 more than they can  index or indicate (finger). 
Think of a horizon:college and mountains  as I 
come in off rt 70. That WHOLEis like "ana-logic":
analogical--but I sort it out and sift it tauto "logically"
 --reducing it into a relationship of the partsthat
suit my sense of the whole.  I am "ration-alizing" the
whole, god-like for my convenience, conventionally.

I'm saying FEELINGS are like that horizon. E-motions
(always for the  sake of argument) are my stereotyped,
convenient & conventional "digitized" reductions of that
whole. I rationalize Red Barn,  Fields, Cows, an Outline
of Mountains: stock response.  So much less than the
whole, so much more is occluded by my ratios, rationales
& rationalization, and by my emotions:  my "rationalized"
feelings. Reduced for use & abuse for crying out loud.

As with any stereotyping: there's a convenience
(convention) that can be used to "stand-for" the 
whole. This is  rational. To break-up the stereotypes
&  conventions & conveniencesis ir-rational or re-rational
(re-creative) descriptively; not as negative judgment 
 or condemnation but it sure FEELS damaging and  
dia-bolical  to throw across, parts apart because it 
breaks up  a convenient construct & breaking up is 
hard to do.

It's difficult to use words like “irrational” and
 “reductive” and “inadequate” as “good” words
--describing the nature of relating & relationship 
& "dia-bolical" as merely whatever  throws them 
across, diametrically blows them  away, undermines
 and deconstructs. WE privilege the words “rational” &
“adequate.” Their anti-theticals feel like stigmas and  
stone-ingsand hurt my emotional bones. 

See the problem? Clarity is a reduction & inadequate 
& an ongoing violation to the "whole" --a crime of
discrimination even as it might be a momentary 
advantage "partially" to theparts & parties wanting 
to clarify in their own terms,  of course.In my own terms 
of desire, of course.

We don't have good words or maybe ways-of-talking
for talking about how-it-is that the more accurate our 
descriptions are for me &  my purposiveness— the more
they "occlude"  and eclipse the WHOLE & holy.

My bias-belief systems and prejudice-convictions naturally
get in my way. Do you see what I'm saying. Or am I making 
myself too clear?

Lucid Dreams

PS: Counter Intuitive:

Just about everything I said (above) might  FEEL counter-
intuitive: go against the  grain of feeling I identify, name,
indicate, index, finger as  intuitive.  It’s impossible to get 
in touch  with my feelings. It's impossible to say just what
I mean.

Any thing that GOES AGAINST convention  (my convention
or social  convention, which is to say: my stereotypes or social
stereotypes, which is to say,  "my emotions" or the “social
 emotions") is going to  FEEL counter-intuitive. Hello! if not
like hell.

Intuitive is a habit hobbit: the cerebral & affective
environmentality I live "inside" my house of  "intuitions"
inhabiting  my habits habitually. You got a problem with that?   

Counter-Intuitive feels like Big Bad Woof knocking  on the
doors of my stereotypical houses— as-if to  blow them away:
me & my ecological whirlwinds..

How do I KNOW if  BBWoof is sheep in wolf's clothing— or not?
Damn: it  feels counter-intuitive. No wonder I'm conflicted.

xxxooo,  Sam

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