Thursday, July 4, 2013



“Emerson himself spent
     that April working on
    “The Oversoul” and trying
      to decide whether to buy a cow.”

Under the bushel of budget & homeland
economic house keeping affairs—size
matters & load, hiring needs and always
salary concerns, remuneration for work
done, compensation: a living wage for
crying out loud: this little light of mine…

   hope singing eternally, Weber-ian
   optimism to cheer a student body
   with a collective imagination against
   all odds & surround-sound environ

…I’m going to let it shine.

Once the bottom line and fundamental
levels of the Mazlovian hierarchy are
satisfied, spirit will emerge & unfold
toward frontiers yet unknown. IDEA
awaits its embodimental studies and
leadership programs: inquiry, invention,
re-creation, renaissance &  generation,
human nature naturalizing naively
naturally: the great sustaining sustainable
conversation all over again and again and

“how do we make community something
vital and transformative, with a potential
for genuine reconfiguration of who we are
and how we connect.” [Agenda for the 30th
Annual Conference of the Association for
General  and Liberal Studies, Fall 1990]

“George Ripley had left his pulpit  in May.
     He and Sophia
          having spent the summer on
             a milk farm in West Roxbury
were determined to find a more concrete
means of reforming American Society,
which Ripley considered ‘vicious in
its foundation.’”

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