Sunday, July 28, 2013

Do You Love Me?

Pedagogery & The Liberal Art
  Tell all  the truth   but tell it slant
         success in circuit[ry]
         Faux Feedback
               (because forced)

Can you see how that  question doesn’t work?
There is a realm of communication where
   If I Have to Ask:   Forget About It!
Ask & I shall receive  somewhere in the ball
park at least but not really what I lack,
want, need, desire.
“Yes” don't satisfy.  “No”—neither; of
               course not.
Do you love me? Don’t answer that
terrible question. Monstrous!
SIMILARLY in the business of  liberal art
(not to be  confused with liberal arts): I
yield to temptation, EXPLAINING my
madness;  saying what  it is I’m doing,
engineering,  scheming, manipulating my
meta hodus &  it falls into the same category:
collapsing,  conflating & confusing a possible
emerging  issue  because  it destroys the
guess-what environ-mentalism needed to
frame, nourish, grow a  liberal artist. 
                 GET IT?

     Have to tear the plastic off the
    strawberry patches, rip-off the
    cover-ups: kindergarten variety
What I’m saying right be-here-now can’t actually
be said without screwing  up what I’m  attempting
to bring off:  talking about it without actually talking
about it without giving away the trick,  slight of hand
      A man walks into the
      Rolls Royce showroom,
      kicks some tires and
      inquires: “How much
      do you charge for one
      of these deals?”
How’m I doing? Ruins it to ask and yet  I do I do
and if I can’t be at home with  paradox & contra
addiction I  should stick  to liberal arts for crying
out loud and don’t  be  bothering my petty little
mind with  liberal art.

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