Tuesday, July 16, 2013

In Defense of Nonsense if not No Sense At All

IN Defense of NONSENSE if not no-sense-at-all.

“Wittgenstein had an enormous effect on [Bertrand]Russell.
First  Russell  thought Wittgenstein had a new  kind of
sensibility.[Witt]  gave Russell the sense that he really
knew something incommunicable, that there was some
thing he was trying to get at,  that Russell was  not seeing it.

As a result of these interactions,  Russell actually gave up
mathematical logic.  Wittgenstein convinced him that his
old ways of doing things were wrong. Russell said that he
couldn't  quite understand what Wittgenstein was saying,
but he felt  in his bones that he must be right. That's the kind
of effect that  Wittgenstein had on people.”

Rebecca Goldstein.
Goedel and the Nature of Mathematical Truth. 

IN my dreams,  wittgensteinian-like, I urge bertrand russell terriers
terrified to ease their grip on mathematical  canny doggone logically
positive cynicism, not that there’s any thing  wrong with THAT
but that they might  push away from childish flings as merely
necessary  but insufficient like words are as inadequate as students
tell me tattooed so to speak from head to toes with images & other
signs & symbols of our bawdy languages. 

You can understand Gödel's saying,  as he's quoted
saying to the mathematician Menger  one night when
they were walking home together from one  of the
 meetings of the positivists, something like:  "The more
 I think about language the less  possible it seems to me
that we ever  understand one another."

In computer-programming talk: program-language looks like
gobble de  gook to inhabitants of User-Friendly World, might
as well be glossolalia, squeaking in tongues of angles to user-friendly
Flatlanders as far as program- languageing is  concerned: babble if
not Babel when a deep program-language way of  talking leaks out,
collapsed,  conflated & spilling across the screen  of my tectonic
platonic  monitor.

“MU!”  I mutter, descriptively. “It’s nonsense to utter Non Sense!
This will never do.”  As if a sphere pancaked into a circle presumed
to serve  as Representative re-presenting the great state of Sphereville
and we allowed it, too, without acknowledging our cognitive dissonance. .  

Of what we cannot speak thereof we must be silent."

It's ambiguous. It could mean that all facts can be said
and they can be said clearly, or it could mean that there
are facts that are out there, but our language is not adequate
for expressing them: that our language is leaving out chunks
of reality. If we try to express the unsayable in language, we'll
violate the rules of language and commit nonsense.

“mystical” & “mystery” & “myopia”:  all 3 from Indo European mu
imitative of  inarticulate sounds: mum, mumbling, muttering
variations on silent, dumb, mute; Gk – muein: to close the lips;
in other words THAT  which is unsayable is  merely unsayable
& mystery. And to try to say what can’t be said articulately is to utter
nonsense, but important nonsense.


I can’t feed my self nor get self satisfaction despite my ambidexterity
on  the one hand and on  the other it makes no never minding or
self-compliance; an urbane myth and no legend: I get no satisfying ultimate
outcome or emerging phenomenal news of closure: all done & all is one &
one is all a lone & ever more shall be so perfect for crying out loud.

My cultural luggage explains how-it-is I can’t talk the talk & not
even close to  walking the walk forgetabout it: walk&talk, can’t
do both no matter how peri-pathetic my daze of old togas & sandals
in the groves of academe:  Ah, but does it LOOK like a duck goes in
one ear and out the other.

I can say it but not play it again same: I am always able to say more
than I can see, blame more than I know for sure imagine what as
never been or will be but never feed my self: I am retarded in
that way deficient & insufficient, no self-sustaining system but
dependent on the Law of the Occluded Muddle and  the kindness
& kinship of other alone rangers. Inter Alios &  Inter Alia: between
& betwixt other things and persons not with standing them. 

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