Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kiss a Cliche

Liberal Art ( as opposed to The Liberal Arts)
don't claim to teach any one what they
don't already know.  Just bringing it up
for re-cognition.

Kiss a Cliché

I have to compete with country & western
singers’ word-play bromides
carting, clippetty-
clop, 3-chord  
progressions of every thing I
hold up
  to the light, what every one knows
  damnit. nothing new;  anything good
I say in  class is on the car  radio driving  home
& wherever I go there  I am—me
  & my friends
in low  places  heard it all
  before. ..  
 “Collaborative genius,” says Keith Sawyer,
is  nurtured by an environment
that encourages
failure—one that sees
  the liability of clarity:
how lucidity 
occludes the rest of a whole, the
remainder of the daze—the attention deficiency
that rides the underbelly of
  attention efficiency:
the underbelly
  of  attention efficiency riding the
underbelly of attention efficiency.

    Richard Nixon would say repeatedly:

   “Let me make one thing perfectly clear”

I have an addiction for clarity. My
Insecurity System demands 
it.  How diametrically
if not diabolically
  opposed a failure-encouraging,
suppressing environment would be to
institutionalized academia with its  sustainable
bias for cultivating  individual 
not so much  
collaborative  genius.

Easy to test.

Declare:  “Might we not be encouraging
a little more failure & less clarity in this

classroom so as to nurture some local
collaboration & the mess &  guess, trial &
error and room for  play it  takes to get
better &  good at anything: making sense
-of-our- own  in particular  as opposed to
 buying itshrink-wrapped  off the shelf.
Rolling our own holy smokes. Got to kiss
a toad. Reinvent wheels.  Garden without

Nothing new here.  Get it?

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