Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rapture & Tribulation

Indo-European: rep – to  snatch, seize: “rape,”  “rapacious,”
“rapid,”  “rapt,” “ravish,”  “rapture” and grab-it stuff  like that.

“Surreptitious”  as well as  “reptile”  (from Latin: to creep)  
all in  the family  values: etymological siblings.

I rape the children: me, village elder, presbytering a kind of
noetic  circum-cision & cerebral clitorectomy  continuing
institutionalized traditions & the industrial  constraints of
alma  matrix, forcing kidlets to do my bidness against their
natural born willy/nillies  & double forcing them to pretend to
LIKE IT, too.

yes, Yes, YES, this IS what I want, Sam,
sock it to me:  I wouldn’t be doing it on
my own, not knowing what’s good for me:
take my attendance & attention efficiency
span & make me learn, damnit. Show me
the syllabus.

would show them the cunning, if  not the uncanny Liberal
Art as opposed to, as  differentiated  from & not to be conflated,
collapsed & confused with the liberal arts.

Built-in tacit violence bears us away: full  of soundless, furtive
fury so sub-liminal it looks like teen spirit, like dedication &
discipline & no  clothes line need demonstrate the surreptitious
secret school-daze rapture going on all in the family. Mum’s the
word:  can’t be said without demoralization round here or any
where: a cultural relativity: relaying the relations  relatively.   

“Age is no better, hardly so well  qualified
 for an instructor as youth,  for it has not
 profited so much as it has lost. One may
 almost doubt if the wisest man has learned
anything of practical value by living.

Practically, the old have no very important
advice to give the young, their own experience
 has been so  partial, and their lives have been
 such miserable failures…” ( HD Thoreau )  

Well, anyone can counter
 this claim  I’m  making,  just describing
not a  judgment: lord knows  judgment just generates resistance):
the violence  of hire education; and proffer, proclaim, profess an
opinion of one’s  own.

We can argue.

It’s no go-to-the-library,  Google-it-up,  or ask-the- Davids kind
of a deal, true?  Stunning,  I hope, the accusation.   Diametrically
if not diabolically opposed to inertial status quotidians  & operating  
assumptions sufficient to put them all in play, maybe.

“What ME, raptor?  I’ll have to  take issue  if you
 say that  again! Beg to differ!”

Bring it on, then.  We can improve  my terms,   I’m sure. We can
argue: how-it-is we do what  we do and get  away with it in this
age of exponential techno-logical industrial information over-
whelming  lap-top dancing.

Or what's a college for?

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