Sunday, July 21, 2013

School & Be Schooled

"School" comes from Latin: schola- leisure time "Student"
and "study" and "stupor" and "stunned" and "stupid" all
derive from Indo European steu: to be struck by a stick.
Stunning! In Europe, schools and college are called
GYMNASIUM, which means (literally) "naked training."
You do the math. All in the family.

I respect different points of view from mine, different
perspectives religious & political, fashion and music and
pop culture divergences. I can't say that I would die to
defend your right to think the way  you do--or that I
won't mock, ridicule, undercut, undermine, point out the
contradictions & discrepancies given the opportunity,
but I respect them, I respect them all: how else put
them in play? How could it be other wise ? Play and be
Played. School and be schooled.  Always for the sake of

So you can name IT, sure: index, indicate, point, but if
you can't put IT in play, call your self a denominator.
You can quote IT, stick IT on  your back bumper, wear
IT on your t-sirt, post IT on FB, no doubt. But if you can't
 put IT in play: call your self a NOUN. A taxonomist,
maybe--at best.

Beyond Good & Evil. Einstein said we can't use the same kind
of thinking that got us into a muddle to get us out. Suspend
belief and disbelief, then; subordinate rationality and logic.
Transcend good guys & bad guys designation, goodies
& weasels; defer interpretation, because & affect,
reason's why. Table that "damned moral sense"
and righteousness. See what there is to see,
like the bear that went over the mountain

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