Monday, July 22, 2013

Why Enlisht Teachers Make the Whirl a Better Pace

Why Literature Teachers Make the
     Whirl a Better Pace

     generalized education

Why do you suppose we insist that all students take “a literature”
course  knowing full well that 12 years of lower education saturated
them in literature if not earlier on Poppa’s lap or snuggled  against
a pillow with Mom & Mother Goose?

“Bears can’t talk, silly,” I assure  my daughter,. “no no no: just a
rhetorical device. Make Believe for crying out loud.; vehicle for the
author to carry  courage & his convictions his beginnings, middles,
and endings: head stuck in a  honey jar and wondering now what?

   Don’t you want to know?   That’s the trick!

So they can learn to see thru the  appearances is why we require
them all to take a literature course at some point in their  higher
education, token- carriers, little  engines that could convey  deeper,
more profound significances, maps  of the territories, legends of the
maps so  they, like us, won’t be fooled by what appears.

   Let BE be finale of seem. The only Emperor is the
                  emperor of ice cream...

What other discipline aims at resurrecting freeze-dried mind-on -a-page ,
putting  IT in play among the revivalists?.. Sending it up a flag  pole to
see who salutes? Arguing IT out, differentiating  between explicit  &
implicit,  literal & metaphorical, straight-out sincerity & ironic ambiguity
and, Eng Teachers Delight:  uncovering hidden meanings, cerebral

Did you think it’s American Literature  that counts? or English? or even
 European? No: let them take any literature course it  don’t matter the
token topic and particular subject-object matter—it’s learning that
Bears Don’t Talk Except in Conventions Where They Represent but
are NOT  themselves the represented  so children might not confuse
the signs with the signifier or with the signified, know what I’m saying.?

That’s the whole point of requiring every student to take yet again
another literature course—but this time:  a  college course.So that
they might become savvy.  Better able to study sociology & psychology,
religion and philosophy, if not  points  south, the offerings of Hamill and
Witherspoon: nether regions where a  literary sense might could
handicap them  down  there for  awhile, confuse the issues,  but 
never the less if it don’t kill them, become stronger for it.

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