Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Most Liberalist College in America

The Violence Bears IT Away

“We do not think real time, but we live it,because life transcends intellect…
Any thing  that is irreducible and irreversible in the  successive moments  
f a history eludes science.

The intellectualization of science can work  only on what is thus  withdrawn
from the   action of real time.

This is only what we should expect, given that  science and intellect focus
on what can fall  under general laws. It is the task of intuition to provide
insight into becoming. To get a  notion of IT one must break with Science,
doing violence to the mind by going counter  to the natural bent of intellect.

This ‘violence,’ Bergson sees, as ‘the function  of philosophy.’” (from Genevieve
Lloyd’s Being in Time, on Henry Bergson’s Creative Evolution)

Otherwise, without un-bending the intellect’s natural bent, say, IT is like
looking for keys-lost-in-the-dark-alley under the street lamp where the
light is good. IT = measure-mental assessmental  ratio-cinative studies,
aims goals, and predictable outcomes .

What is IT, that Science and Intellect are  inadequate to measure?
Anything alive, being becoming.

The Most Liberalist College in America

Devils IN the Details

Consider the difference between General Truth
and Specific Truth— truth of a forest, say, and
truth of a specific tree, truth of a class, say,
and truth of a member, truth of a community
and truth of a citizen, truth of humanity and truth
of a person, truth of a team or band and truth of
a player…the individual on the one hand, the
collective on the other.

The two truths represent different  levels of
Logical Type (Whitehead, Russell), as wholes
are to parts; and they are incommensurate: the
terms and values and standards of the part do
not apply (except in error and projection and
by habit of convention) to  the standards of the
whole, and vice  versa.

But I collapse and confuse the 2 sets  of values
and the General  Truth dominates  the Specific –
where differences and  diversity fragment &
eclipse general truth so that it is also the case
that the Specific truths  obscure Generality.

General Truth dominates the values of Specific
truth.  Specific truth obscures the values of
General Truth.      

It is the gap between General and Specific that
makes history  unpredictable: between social and
individual, between common sense and  idiocy.

But I am convinced that GENERAL TRUTH is more
true than my  specific individual experience and so I
rely on statistics  and  probabilities to urge me to check
my colons  and breasts and lungs for cancer, go to college
rather than avoid the bother…General Truth seduces
me even as my Specific Truth resists and rebels and
succumbs to popular opinion.

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