Wednesday, July 24, 2013

We are the Chimpions


   The Liberal Art Challenge

How to make a monkey

 out of Common Sense?
Out of Received Tradition?
Out of Specialized
Knowledge and Expertise?
Out of Economic Theory &
Deep Ecology Technologic,
Secular Humanism and
Fundamental Dogmatism,
Logical Positivism and
Nu-Age Spiritualism  out of
the latest in Medical Advice
and Health, Welfare  and
Surgeon General Warnings?
Cave Concerns: culture and
convention and closet issues:
idols of the anthropomorphic
mind .
Imagine you are Jane Goodall.
Put yourself in her sensible shoes
—observing, scientist, her un-
common sense foregrounded:
watching primate business
  see what she can see. How
just vote.
It’s all good for Jane.
No such thing  as a bad primate:
no failure to communicate, no
  flaw mistake, good or evil—
  from her pantheonic ambrosial
point of view. All chimp champs.

Now: imagine you are a chimp.
Now: play like you are a chimp.
AND a Jane Goodall, too, if you can. 

 Meta Disciplinary.
Liberal Art.

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