Friday, August 16, 2013

Best Little Liberal Art College in Swannanoa

Sam, if you could see the machinations and meetings and mindless
self-promotion I'm dealing with this week in a committee effort to
propose a new first-year class for our law students (which will never,
under any circumstance, be approved by the faculty) you would
understand why I am so interested in your messages.  Can I come
teach at Warren Wilson?  Liberal art/arts, flexing the brain, dabbling
in creativity:  it sounds heavenly from my perspective.  So thank you
for talking about it and sharing it.   Ann (former student, Law Prof)

Conversation and Art

Conversation (having one, having to have one, hoping to have one,
needing to have one but not right now) was probably the most
repeated word in yesterday's retreat--I'll bet 5 dollars.  (Not
counting the various functions words--the, and,of and like that.)

Used to mean "life style: I heard on late night radio from some
truck driving evangelist with his own program.

Converse action I like to call it, turning up the converse action
built into to any conversation. He says, she says - live--an
emerging phenomenon.

Like our virtual Hyde Park ongoing conversation we have with us
alwways across the curriculum on FacultyL 24/7/365. It's addictive,
I admit it.  Always in play together--blind men and the elephant:
announcing our positions and concerns working out our collective
salvation in fear and  trembling and unpostponed joy.  Edifying!
Best of times/ worst of times makes no never mind. .  

ART was the other word. Art art art art art art art MC Richards said
over and over again, repeatedly aiming to scrub-off it's hoity-toity
connotations (she said), wearing it out in air.  In  front of the log cabin
work office one spring night in April--her lecture at our Black Mountain
College Retrospective.

Arthur Art, Harry Humanities, and Sally Science walk into a bar.
Would they even be able to understand each other?.
One hopes not.   It ought to take some work--
converse action. Suffering in translation.
To die for.

ART - from I.E ars - joint, juncture. 
Articulate - the ability to flay the beast at the joints
with a minimum of gristle and bones.  Arbitrary.

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