Sunday, August 18, 2013

It's Not Easy Being Phenomenological

It's Not Easy Being  Phenomenological

Life of the mind on the one hand.
Life of the body politic on the other.

Every class-day we pick up  a packet of  MOP:
(Mind on a Page phenomena.)  Phenomenal! 
Points of view of a diverse nature from each
member of the class--a response to the textual
harassment of the previous class-time.
Words on Paper:
Freeze-dried lifeless potential:
all of it waiting resurrection, say
(in manners of speaking) dry bones,
as it were, ready to walk between ears:
us miracle workers raising dead in accord
with our wont and natural selection.
We  can’t raise it all. Most is ignored and
we are ignore-ant
It’s LIKE walking thru  a field or  mall.  Some
of IT  provokes—crow flying off a stalk, skin
tight jeans, groundhog shuffling to the river,
corn dogs. All the REST:  ignored—ignore-ant,
dead to me & the class for all practical purposes,
the rest of  the whole.   A rip-off, reduction.  

The MOP packet is rich with possibilities for .
Argumental Studies & Leadership Pogroms:
common sense and banter,  whimsy & wrangling,  
rolling of the I’s & smiling disputation, working
up maybe a shared shine: an
argos, golden fleece
as it were for the moment, or what’s a college for
A great yawning gap, gape, abysmal chaos  between
our thought & talk, talk & walk, life-of-the-mind  &
life of the  body politic. Consider the richness of thought
&  idea and image and expostulation each MOP packet
contains.  Compare it to the Talk-In-Air of the second 
half of each whole class.  
What’s the difference?  What’s the relationship?
  The Kingdom Within? The Kingdom Without?
                        (2 economies)

The Phenomenologist aims to tell IT like IT is  but
recognizes his natural selection is conditioned by cave,
bubble, culture, custom, convention, convenience,
personal growth & agenda—so that it’s hard, maybe
impossible to tell IT like IT is—other than reduce it to
bias, belief, prejudice,  conviction: a crime, really, a
violation of the  whole.
The violent bear it away.  Admitted—yes (confessed),
but that’s not  easy: the damage done.  It’s not easy
being Phenomenological.  A liberal art, really.  Life long
sport. Trying to tell IT like IT is.  Mission Impossible.   

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