Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Ludic Frame: The Liberal Art

The Ludic Frame:

Because it is a good game: Got Rules,
a substantial part of which may be
learning them as I play— ooops, oooh,
-- superseding or  reformatting,
reconfiguring the explicit, common-
sense we all know and love:  admonishing
each other,shaking a finger, warning,
conspire to uphold. Ludic. In play.

Liberal Art  Converse Action.
“What unlike things must meet
and mate.”  The practice of dialectic
can’t even begin until some one gets
hurt. Not your sticks & stones hurt:
bells & whistles & border violations.
Home land Insecurity incursion. Hands
across the I’ll. An  enemy  as good as
a Buddha and  you got to lovem or
forget about it.

Liberal Art II   Not for liberals. No
liberals need apply.  Conservatives
neither—holding on, holding on to
what they got.  Beyond the Goodies
& the Weasels, the rational & the
irrational, logic & illogic, dreams &
waking life, offense & defense, common
sense, nonsense, &  no sense at all,
beyond the symbolical & the diabolical:
3 little pigs, BB Wolf, hairs on my
chinny chin chins.

Liberal Art III.  Is there a satan in the
house?  Accuser, adversary,  joker,  jester,
clown, trickster – someone to put IT in
play?   IT, I said. Do I always got to be
spelling IT out?  Daring  to disturb the
universe? Eat a peach?  (Wait’ll they
get a load of this!)  Thank god  for IT then ,
how else get a wiggle on?  Raise the dead?

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