Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wretch Like Me

Varieties of Pedagogical Experience
As the crow flies:
exquisite, banks
thru pines & hemlock:
Flash Gordons  surfing sky.
Up a level: wing-tipped buzzards,
slow spiraling stealth bombers,
slant wise.

On the ground: chickadees
&  sparrows—hop, hop, hopping:

skip to the loo my  darlings,

my daring do.


Sitting on my ass waiting, watching
& knowing  Gödel’s theorem will
kick-in with  news from beyond:
OMG & holy smokes how it comes
with crows and  early light—ideas like
swarms of sparrows. Buzzards might
land & stretch their wings. Fools Rush
Inn.  No angels need apply. Gracias!
A wretch like me.

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