Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Aims, Goals, Immeasurable Outcomes

Aims, Goals, & Measurable Outcomes.

My Attention Efficient Focus is exquisite
and allows me to laser cut  sample specimens
of what ever, bleed themdry—suck  marrow:
every bit of significance & implication.  A grand
gift.Genius, really. Wherever I turn: there I am. 
Conscious. Quick to measure & estimate.
Critical Thinking: Lucid Schemes
I have a massive head lamp which allows me to
affix the beam wherever I turn,annihilating shadow:
nothing but pure illumination.  I use it to study darkness.

is the earth-moving machinery of religion.
Those driving  the bulldozers and front-end loaders
will disagree even as they shove the smell of diesel
in the morning.Caterpillar. Tracking.
I would quote you somebody who stands for me,
representative aesthetics to say what I would say
if I could say it, but  no body comes to mind. I
myself am  not spiritual worth a damn, but
religious as hell and theological.

Peer Pressure is Forever (Patti Smith)
If it weren’t so important for me to appear thoughtful &
responsible, sensitive & decent, likeable really likeable
& professional, empathetic if not compassionate:  I might
could   be a better person all around.  Observing how-it-is.
Expressing. Saying what I’m seeing. But it is, so I can’t.

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