Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cradle, Baby and All

Liberal Art  (not to be collapsed,  conflated,
& confused with the  liberal arts--them majors,
minors, poster &  capstone events.)

I am the liberal-artiest professor in the most
liberal college in America; need we argue?
My job: to corrupt minds of youth, setting
them free from  convenience & convention,
them holy terriers in  the box:   out! out!
Materialists commodifying  all things large
and small, clouds of unknown unknowing, &
The Damned Bookocracy.  Unloose  the cogs
of woe,  chains of   Certainty  & Conviction
sort of like standing  in a field of rye, say:  big
leather glove to catch them before  the abyss 
with all the rest best I can.  That’s me in the
spot lite..

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