Friday, September 27, 2013

Not Yr Old Man's Oldsmobile

Dear linguists, fictionists, transcendental romantics
and colleagues without borders across the curriculum.

Never on Fridays Lecture:  (our virtual classroom)   

Are you there when I nail my lord to the cross?”

Hammer and Nails. Hammer & Nails: all over this
land.  Don’t want it wiggling while I do my bidness..

A new KIND of thinking—says Einstein.
The kind that got  us into our pickle
can’t be the kind that gets us out.

Ok: so who can describe the old way, then?
The kind of  thinking we’re used/abused to?  
Can we consider NEW if  the OLD isn’t clear.

WHOLISTIC if not Holy. My niche: jump to claim
& embrace what my worthy peers, colleagues,
FB friends, & enemies castigate. Ah c’est moi:
you nail me, am what I am: you got me – what
ever it is you hate, critique, criticize, slam, bam
no thank you mam: I am. Dumpster diving.
Don’t want it? Mine!  Resource renewable and
plenty more where that comes from. Free Lunch.


Beyond Good & Evil, Approval/Disapproval, Like & Dislike,
Right & Wrong, Correct & Not-correct, suspension of Judgment,
willful suspension of Belief and Disbelief and the Purpose,
Aims, and Goals, Conventions, Customs, Cultures and
Conveniences all of which generate these crucial Value
Distinctions....Call it School Mode—not to be confused with
Church and State modes. . Ivory Tower call it. Or call it
“describe mode” : aesthetic (as opposed to ethic).

New?  Old? Beyond New & Old?

Don’t take my words for it, in fact I wish we could put it in play
and argue and argue because how else do ideas get embodied
and memes manifest without going thru hello  and hell and high
water  so as to be tested if not proven, bought into or rejected as
appropriate, re-invented and incorporated as opposed to simply
take this down it’ll be on the final exam take the credit and
run you know what I’m saying.

My classes are both the most profound as well as the most
powerful  in the college.  Etymologically, at lesst—if not
in the common sense.  

I just came from a class were no words  were spoken out loud.
I would say silent, but of course noise galore—always noise
going on never not, and information  theorists assert that news
is always mothered by noise: noise the mother of news. 

As fundamental and as powerful as you  can get: when the
protocol and procedure and conventional filters and agenda
have been suspended if not eliminated, what remains is  chaos:
emptiness, literally YAWN waiting (as it were) for the WORD
(always in the beginnings.)

That’s power.  POSSE – literally potential,  potency, like a
reservoir: potent and unreleased,  uncommitted.  Can’t get
 no more power full than possibility, potency.

(Once tapped—water spilling down the valley taking out
farmhouses, chicken coops, old Ford trucks:  that’s  kinetic
but impotence as far as potential is concerned. )

Profound: from I.E. bhudh – bottom, butt. base  foundational,
fundamental (L. fundus –fundament : anus--dirty work,
mess and muddle absolutely crucial to the system. 
No cover up. No denial.

Profound and powerful   Not for everybody.  But you might
not be for everybody too.  I’m not. No doubt

Need we argue (or what’s a college for)

xxxooo, Sam

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