Friday, September 27, 2013

Not My Brother's Buick Either

Not My Father’s Oldsmobile 
or my Brother's Buick

Willful suspension of Belief & Disbelief
& Purpose, Aims, Goals, Conventions,
Customs, Cultures & Conveniences:
beyond Good & Evil, beyond Approval
& Disapproval,  beyond Like & Dislike,
Right & Wrong, Correct & Not (all of
which  generate my crucial distinctions:  
the crux of the matter: I like it, I really
like it – or not.) 

Call it School Mode—not to be confused
with Church and State. Ivory Tower call it.
Or call it describe-mode: aesthetic (as
opposed to ethic).  IT, I said. Do I have to
spell it out?

Are you a good critical thinker? Can you
see the flaws, the fears, the discrepancies,
the gaps between my words and actions,
my  principles and practices; can you be
acutely sensitive to my  generalizations,
over & under statements, the inadequacy
of my  controlling metaphors, pin the tale
on my snobbery & discrimination, my self-
serving elitism, my ad  hominabilia? Can
you point out  my other shortcomings,
slather me with facts, stats, data, polls
that  demolish my impoverished inventory?
If so, I need you to help make me & the
world  a better place: so much wrong  to
point out, expose.  Galore.

With my aims, goals, measurable
outcomes,  my intents, purpose, &
my exquisite attention  efficient
focus: I make monumental amounts
of right & wrong, correct & incorrect,
approval & disapproval, like & dislike,
and face it  love & hate, good & evil—
these ratios& relationships as well as
massive attention deficiency & ignore-
ance  however you prefer to call it
manufactured by my personal
ambition & agenda

Just describing here. No judging..

WHOLISTIC if not Holy. My niche:
jump to claim & embrace what my
worthy peers, colleagues, FB friends,
& enemies  castigate.  Ah c’est moi:
you nail me, am what I am: you got
me – what ever  it is you hate, critique,
criticize, slam, bam no-thank-you-
mam: I am.  Dumpster diving. Don’t
want it? Mine! Resource renewable
and plenty more where that comes
from.  Free Lunch.

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