Friday, September 6, 2013

My Classes are a Joke

My classes are a Joke
I declare this to take back the plightt.
Reclaim the value of Joke in the face
of the dominant academic paradigm: 
“This is serious stuff. No fools need
From the Indo European yek –which
mean “to speak” – “joke,” “ jewel,” “ jocose,”
“jocular,” “juggler,” “jeopardy” are all in

the family. 
Can you figure-out the relationship?
Make sense of these jocular kin and
see how they get along—so to speak? 
Speaking is a jeopardy—a juggling, a joke,
really.  Get it? Do I have to  spell it out?
Tell you the punch lines?

Consider the quiet silence of our classes.
Till someone speaks up: originator,
innovator, instigator, inaugurator, author
authorizing  authority authoritatively.
Always in  the beginnings: the word.

Casting perils.
Risky business.

I aim to speak out of 3 sides of my  mouth
at once--and be understood.

Thesis, Antithesis, and Synthesis
Protagonism,  Antagonism,  Agon-ism    
Symbolically,  Diabolically,  Parabolic
Get it?
Put it in play. 
I’m serious.

My  courses are  about US-the-Readers,
miracle  working resurrect-ers--raising the dead

        My Environmental Studies  Triad:
                         II. Ways of Talking about Hap
   I. HAP   
                                    III.   Ways of Talking about
                                              ways of talking about

I. HAP = what's happening. Always beyond us and our
                representation of it.

II = our common sense, disciplines, traditions, the
 conventions we swim in, amniotic--our ways of
talking about hap. 

III. Dry. Liberal Art  Juggling.  A JOKE, really.  
Talking about our Ways of Talking, so to speak,
loopy, disconcerting, monkey wrenching--round
and round we go, down and down we go.
 yekkety  yek

(Did you think this course was JUST about  19th c. writers,
Linguistics? Fiction? It's about  ways we talk and don't talk
about these things.   Quiz:  which counts most; what we
talk about? How we talk about what we talk about.  It'll
be on the final, too.)

Improve my terms, I beg you to differ.  Or what's a
college and colleague for?

xxxooo, Sam

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