Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Convenient Truth

Once Faulkner & Joyce exposed their
streams of  unconsciousness offending 
my linear habits  of  beginnings, middles,
& endings; and then  MTV, damnit,
began generating constellations of imagery
non sequitur to whatever lyrical  sequence
was going on & on: my sense of Show & Tell
took a hit, ambushed  by internal  providential
explosive devices until it became clear to me
what a  merely convenient truth a sequence is
—&  because & affect.


Shrink  Shrank Shrunk                                                  
The whole I's berg;
and then merely the tip
& now only a snow ball
squat on top  the tip is
how I’ve come to see my

Or sitting in a plastic kiddy
seat beeping a rubber horn
as if driving the auto-mobile:
a convenient toot.
Watch out:
Consciousness Coming Thru.

Aiming to save the world with
Buick intentions, I’s berg
aspirations, & a snow
ball’s chance in hell.

: a miner’s lamp;
me: assessing the true nature
of  dark. Consciousness: this
little lite of mind: I’m gonna let
it shine let it shine-- my  total
eclipse of the sum.

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