Saturday, October 26, 2013

love love love

Love Love Love
Love is all we Need

Love:  Barack can do no wrong.
Unconditional Love: Barack can do wrong.

But what about Obamacare, Sam, what about
NSA and wiki-leaks, and listening in to
phones across the universe, what about guns
and drones and school shootings, what about
dissipation of Democracy in North Carolina,
illegal immigration, over spending, teachers
salaries, concussions in professional football,
what about ongoing racism and sexism,
homophobia and bullying. the prospect of pot
legalization,  what about shutting out veterans
from memorial parks not to mention benefits
due them, what about the mess in the republican
party and the animosity and gridlock between
the aisles? Hilary’s anticipated run for potus
and what does Biden think of that? Earth
quake in Japan, pirates off the coast of Nigeria?

Obama my love can do wrong.
Unconditional love. Got to love it.
Got a problem with that?

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