Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Crictical Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking: I don't feel smart or
responsible unless I can criticize--point 
out flaws and inconsistencies, the
contradictions and discrepancies, 
hidden assumptions, controlling
metaphors, solecisms, split infinity
& dangling modifiers--ha. Undermine 
opposition. Cast aspersions across   the 
aisle. Stoning the barn door from inside
--insider pokes.  Shooting fish in a barrel.
Woo Hoo: look ma, no hands. Do you see 
what I see? It's good to be smart.

O the ironies, the paradoxologies: if I could 
only preach out of three sides of my mouth 
at once. Cover all the bases simultaneous 
rather than sequential and consequential,
damnit. Then there'd be no need for woo hoo
consternation, slapping of the forehead in 
astonishment, stunned stupor & team spirit.
ok I take that back: how could I live without
my team spirit. Rah & Rah. Go Good Guys.

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