Thursday, October 10, 2013

Schola Ship

Schola Ship (Kind of Thinking)

Imagine, says John Lennon.

Beyond my Good & Evil-ing. Stick it in a box
(no need to deny): see if I can think out of it
for a moment. Probably can't. Love me
some Good & Evi-ling. But I can imagine.
Einstein imagined himself riding a light beam.
Easy for him: he was a genius.

The kind of thinking that got me into this mess
can't be the kind that gets me out. I agree with
Albert Einstein but can't characterize the kind
that got me here. Let alone the kind that gets
me out.

If I think about the kind: I'm thinking with
the kind of thinking that I'm thinking about
I'm thinking about the kind of thinking that
thinks about thinking and it don't matter the
"what": old movies, Govt. shut down, lunch,
last class--the what don't make no never

Are you moved to mockery, scorn, ridicule
if not outrage at the ineptitude, of your fellow
myn—ignorance goes without saying & comes
with the territory but the fear, greed, self-
centered manipulation, the denial & cover-up.
And homeland insecurity as it were, OMG !!

Do you slap your head in consternation and
forward incriminating posts & pictures to
Facebook friends & relatives for confirmation
and agree ability?

Team spirit. “Can you believe this?
I’m not believing this!” Perplexed?
Be validated. We’re all amazed with
you, dumb founded and stunned stupid. .

Are you appalled by incompetence, ignorance,
restless legs, ADHD , cutting, fear, homeland
insecurity, greed, gluttony, desire, drugs and
alcohol addiction, man's inhumanity to man,
jealousy, envy, ambition, run on sentences,
hypocrisy, cliches & stereotyping, labeling and
profiling, discrepancies and injustice, intolerance,
bias, prejudice, insomnia and stuff like that?
More and more people are. If only better
parents and parenting! Schools and schooling!

What generates good&evil, right&wrong,
love&hate, like&unlike, correct&not is my
particular purpose, agenda, aims, goals,
measurable objectives without which is
Sallgood, all one,is-what-it-is; but as soon
as my purpose kicks in, the world’s divided
into yes that’ll do and no no no and my
version of right & wrong rules, regulates,
rectifies, divides to conquer and make the
world a better place according to Sam, the
good&evil-er daemon man

NO, man IS an island, and I hate you all.
Just describing here --not a condemnation,
Genial. It's the denial and cover-up that
raises the bozone layer. No man is an island
and we know that's true too & like it better:
love is all we need & all is one together
--reclaiming the power of negative thinking
seeing as the positive's a piece of cake.

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