Friday, October 18, 2013

Always Always Always for the Sake of Argument

Dear Fictionists, Linguists, Transcendentalists
and Colleagues Across the Curriculum.

Always for the sake of Argument.
(Or what’s a college for?)
Higher Ed (as I see it) is like sitting on a Lexus headed for
Santa Cruz pulled by a 20 mule-team , Yesterday one class
flew over the cuckoo's nest and the other settled silently in it.
In control or out of control--it's an either or deal if you are
switching over to student-centered learning (a concept of
Carl Rogers and the late 60's environmentalilty)
The two values (lasso fair/laissez faire) are incommensurate
and if you assess and rubric the one in terms of the others
you contaminate both.

In Control on the one hand
Out of Control on the other hand
And is it always the sound of one hand clapping?

My dichotomies are always false and I generalize and reduce
and polarize hoping to show the complementarity that might
could rise up out from under the dominant pair of dimes. My
metaphors are vulnerable and must be switched in mid stream.
I'm like
ly to split an infinitive and dangle an element. Never the
less: the spirit is always willing and accessible if the quibblers
want it to be and progress is sometimes possible.
Though my King-of-the-Hill habit makes it difficult, I admit it.

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