Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pedagogue For the Depressed

I don't understand economics, I don't understand
politics, I don't understand chemistry, I don't
understand Finnegan's Wake, I don't understand
sociology, I don't understand Obamacare, or GPS
systems, auto mechanics: I don't understand that.

A lot of poetry flies by my head. Monsanto-hatred
or at least suspicion, I confess I don't understand
that.  Chinese, Spanish, Russian for example: I can't
understand what they are saying.

Students in my classes are studying 3 or 4 other
courses and are savvy in them beyond my under
standing. I don't know how to read but can fake
some literacy and do--have to. No choice.

Ignorance: my main resource and asset--don't have
much money. Black birds singing in the dead of night--
news out of noise of which there is good & plenty. Pull
the black plastic off the strawberry patch. Weeds
galore. Local food. Gardening without tuxedos.

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